Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tell Tale of Needing to Work.

I just found a spider in my bed! A little one, but still, that's not something I want to find there. So rather than curling up in my bed to read my blogs, I've opted for the futon. But I am drinking coffee out of my extra large cheshire cat mug, so that makes me feel a bit better. ha. Although the idea of just curling up and relaxing on a beautiful spring day like this is soo appealing, I must run erronds for my packaging project.

I've also been working on finding some brushes for illustrator or photoshop of polaroid photos... the ones I found were perfect, except you you see through the white- ah! so if any random person is reading this & knows where to find some, I would greatly appreciate a comment.

I'm also on a Friends kick right now. Yeah- the good ol' 90's sitcom. I watched 7 episodes yesterday. It was great. and Battleship. I bought a silly little one with the tickets I won at Celebration Station (for Tanner's b-day). I just need to find someone to play it with me now...

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