Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Artwork

my latest artwork.

i created this for our school's flicks film festival. there'll be an art gallery in the lobby. i also entered my miniature canvases. this is like an "I Spy" to me. Anywho- i created it out of just random junk i had collected- a few pieces from my roommate. the idea was junk to beauty. need a complete list?

fortune cookie fortune
double bubble gum
curtain rod hook
gold beads
clothes pin
gold bow
new testament bible
hair clip
red ink pen
sonic gift card
orange bottle cap
bubble bead ponytail
blue sharpie
inflated balloon
shower gel
red & silver ribbon
mascara tube
holly stamp
pink bow
water balloons
pink beads
tooth brush
friendship bracelet
crest tootpaste
yellow paint bottle
phone charger
white sequin ribbon
silver flowers
sponge brush
jones soda bottle cap

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