Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small Bits from my Day.

new header! yay! it's a play off of one of the logo designs I created for myself... I'm still undecided on which logo I'm gonna choose, but this was too fun to let it sit on my desktop until I've finished refining.

also today arkansas gov. Mike Huckabee came to SNU as a guest speaker. i was really interested in going, but sadly (in my opinion) there was little talk on politics. he was happy to put on his preacher shoes for the day- and thus the same old I'm-a-Christian-and-this-is-how-I-came-to-be-where-I-am-today story. At least he was humorous. I mean, the guy had a pretty good running against John McCain for the Republican Presidential Candidacy, so I hoping for something a bit more exciting or thought provoking. I wonder how he would have fared in the race against Obama...?

Also, mom & sis were here visiting this week- for the state ffa convention where my sister received her state degree. yay! dad was there last night to laugh at it all with me. today was lunch with the girls + a slice of cheesecake to share. yum!

agenda for tonight:
work work work on logo book
cameron's band concert
work work work work work on logo book
stress out
work some more
give up and go to sleep

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