Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sneaky Prom Shopping

Today, the girls had a trip to Amarillo. My sister, mom, & me. We had some of the best sushi of my life at the sushi bar at Kabuki! And hit our favorite stores. And I ended up convincing my sister to look at prom dresses!!! super! b/c she had been wanting to wear her dress from last year. And as cute as it was, I don't want her regretting not getting a new dress. It's not like she went every year of high school & stocked up. no- this is her last prom & with her great boyfriend, & I want it to be the best for her. And for her to look stunning! so the dress:

it's super flattering on her. And I'm super proud of her! and I admit, I think I'm getting a bit too excited about HER prom. lol. we also stopped by Hobby Lobby to get some supplies to make Kim & Josh (bf) masks! their prom theme is Masquerade! which is what my group of friends wanted when we were planning prom. so, super cool.

but I did get some exciting things for myself too though. a gorgeous leather hobo bag from target & the cutest little skirt- green w/ little white flowers- from charlotte russe.

And it really was a fun day w/ my family. Let's hope the next two days go as well as this!

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