Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So now that I'm off work, I'm just in the mood to curl up on our futon w/ a bowl of cereal and watch one of my all-time favorite movies, STAR TREK! And doing so has prompted me to blog my favorite movies (& why they should be yours too! haha).

I. LOVE. STAR TREK! I have never once seen a full episode of Star Trek (I know- shame on me) and when I saw this movie in theaters I was completely blown away! I was enthralled 100% of the time. Stunning graphics! Beautiful music! Great story line! plus it's only 2 hours long- perfect movie length. and it doesn't hurt that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are so good looking ;) haha. I asked for this for Christmas and cannot stop watching it. I just love to have it on. I've never desired a movie as much as this (even though that sounded so odd). Currently the spot for my #1 favorite is a toss up between this and ...

oh Moulin Rouge! how I love you. I love that this doesn't have the conventional end to a movie/story. The music is insane! It's so great- I could listen to it all day! My favorite is the Elephant Love Medley (I know every word). I would never have believed Ewan McGregor (aka: Obi Wan) could sing that fantastically! as if being a good looking british man wasn't enough. or Nicole Kidman either for that matter. Point being your heart break for this!

I know- predictable- but for good reason! I remember when this movie came out in theater, I had no desire to watch it. Later, I watched it at a friend's house and "WHOA!!!" Fantastic!!! Pirates are so awesome. plus it's got Orlando Bloom (no explanation needed). It's so exciting- and as many times as I watch it, I never bore of it. Perfect!

So cool! James Bond is sooooo cool. And I loved Daniel Craig as Bond! He is the brute manly man I picture and those brilliant blue eyes will make you melt. This gives a picture of Bond with a real love interest, plus a kick-ass mission. and he gets it! watch the torture scene and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But the first big scene- the athleticism- got me captivated from the beginning.

Well, that's just a glimpse of the faves. Although there are a bunch of them! I love movies tooooo much! Thank goodness for RedBox b/c as a poor college student, I do not have to funds to see movies at the theater every weekend.

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