Saturday, April 17, 2010

Growing Up

So for the last 3 days I've been judging at the State Speech & Debate Tournament at OU. I'm actually waiting for my FEX round to start. And as I've been here I've learned a few things:

I'm really glad I'm not in high school anymore.

I am beautiful and have a woman's body now- the hot girls in high school really aren't very mature looking. poor things. so i never should have felt bad.

I want to look like a college student, not a high schooler. It's harder than it sounds, although I found if I add a backpack & walk around like I'm not lost, it totally works for me.

I love being out of high school b/c everyone loves me now. All the kids want to say "hi" to me and want me to talk to them- it's so cute. They all respect my opinions. It most definitely makes me feel superior & important.

I really am doing NOTHING I loved in high school. I don't do any debate/politics stuff, I don't act, I don't play music, I'm not in a guard. But I've still come to do something I love.

It was hard giving up high school things (especially speech & debate) but now I realize- that isn't me- and that isn't my life- and I don't have to feel guilted into judging or feel obligated to. I've paid my dues by now.

And I love the reactions I get when I say I'm a graphic design major! People don't know what to do with it, or they envy me, or they have no idea what that means (those ppl I just want to bop on the head).

And basically I LOVED high school. But I LOOOVVEEE college. and am loving life right now. And as much as I enjoyed high school, I am way more excited for my future.

And now I feel kinda pathetic for having all these feelings until now, but I am growing up and am loving every minute of it!

I hope all are having a wonderful [rainy] weekend. Please rest up b/c those weekdays get stressful. love. photo here.

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