Friday, April 2, 2010

Camera Love

Home for the Easter Holiday! I'm really happy to be chillaxin' but I'm having difficulty remembering I have major design work to do. hm...

but on a happy note, check out this awesome old 35mm camera my grandma gave me today! it used to be my grandpa's. look at the super vintage strap & the small suitcase behind it was a suitcase my grandma got for graduation when she was my age filled w/ camera accessories! perfect, right?

so now I'm ready for my black & white photography class next semester! big smiles.

besides vintage cameras, a few more of my new loves:

bulky vintage sweaters ... I borrowed my grandma's this afternoon & am keeping it for the weekend! I want one so bad!

pina coladas ... virgin for now of course. grandma made some for us girls today. what have I been missing out on?!

horchata ... aka: rice water. or cinnamon rice milk. which is exactly what it tastes like. Yum!

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