Friday, April 30, 2010

Found: DIY Tutorials.

Mother's Day Corsage Necklace. Design Sponge.

Recycled Cereal Box File Folders. Wild Olive.

Make-Up Brush Holder. Freshly Picked.

Silhouettes (by Kate Pruitt). Design Sponge.

Coffee Filter Pom Poms. Pink Cupcake Vintage.

Heart Garland. One Hour Craft.

I can't wait to try some of these out!

Interesting Tatoos.

Although I've never considered getting a tatoo- these truly intrigue me! I've never seen any like this. Beautiful work by Amanda Wachob.

I Need To...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small Bits from my Day.

new header! yay! it's a play off of one of the logo designs I created for myself... I'm still undecided on which logo I'm gonna choose, but this was too fun to let it sit on my desktop until I've finished refining.

also today arkansas gov. Mike Huckabee came to SNU as a guest speaker. i was really interested in going, but sadly (in my opinion) there was little talk on politics. he was happy to put on his preacher shoes for the day- and thus the same old I'm-a-Christian-and-this-is-how-I-came-to-be-where-I-am-today story. At least he was humorous. I mean, the guy had a pretty good running against John McCain for the Republican Presidential Candidacy, so I hoping for something a bit more exciting or thought provoking. I wonder how he would have fared in the race against Obama...?

Also, mom & sis were here visiting this week- for the state ffa convention where my sister received her state degree. yay! dad was there last night to laugh at it all with me. today was lunch with the girls + a slice of cheesecake to share. yum!

agenda for tonight:
work work work on logo book
cameron's band concert
work work work work work on logo book
stress out
work some more
give up and go to sleep

Engagement+Wedding Inspiration.

how unbelievably cute is this?!
wildflowers photography. more of shoot here.

I wouldn't mind having the Lovely Book Page Heart on my wall... mmhmm.
sweet little photographs. more here.

both found on green wedding shoes.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage Goodies.

check out the awesome canister I won from The Modern Hive! I el oh vee ee it soo much! For more of her vintage goodies, check out her etsy store. Thanks Heather!!!

Cute Cute Pets.

i MUST share with you this post by Miss Moss b/c EVERY SINGLE ONE of these pictures made me so happy! I couldn't even pic just one to feature.

Dream Bed.

I want this bed. So simple and chic. I imagine white bedding, white walls, and wood floors. and of course and awesome accent rug. mmm...

Gorgeous Garland.

gorgeous garland from Kristina Marie. this would look lovely strung by the doorway in my dorm room. I also love the garland made from maps. I may have to attempt to recreate this.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Inspiration.

more wonderful inspiration found on abduzeedo.
Soon Mo Kang- Hanger Tea.
these are so precious! I wish I had seen this when I was making my tea packaging project.

old school google.
please! read the bottom line! I can NOT even imagine...

this is amaaaaazing! so much talent.

buddah shaped pears.
ah! these are almost scary, yet strangely intriguing. I would eat one.

In search of the Earth's Core.
I Love maps! This is a unique illustration of one.

Business Card Inspiration.

Amazingly unique business cards!
Check out 9 other card designs that will blow your mind at abduzeedo.

Beautiful Decor.

I've really been having quite a down afternoon. My professor was really upsetting me. I'm really stressing out about getting all my work and reading done. I don't seem to have enough time to get everything done in time. And I definitely don't have time to see my mom & sister who are in the city this week. ugh. so I've taken a few minutes to just chill and calm myself.

Some lovely interiors with ideas I'm dying to try out.

justin & michelle demers via design sponge

Kim Coleman Interiors via The Love List

dwellstudio via design sponge

Monday, April 26, 2010

Currently Reading...

The Shack by William P. Young.

Although I'm reading this for my Christian Thought class, I've been really interested in reading it b/c I've heard such good things about it. Right now I'm up in the air about my liking for the book, though. It's a big slow and dry in the beginning. I'm only to chapter 4 though- so maybe it'll pick up, and I'll let you know my thoughts when I finish.

My Monday Me-Time.

I LOVE Desperate Housewives! I spend my weekends with Cameron and friends, so I give up watching the episode premiers Sunday nights and opt for watching online every Monday between 3 and 5pm. perfect, eh? Then I can do my work after. Backwards I know, but it’s easier for me. Lynette is my absolute favorite! I want to be just like her one day- lol. Today’s episode was shocking! Can’t wait for next week!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heart Frames.

I want some so bad!

Hawaii Wedding.

this is the most beautiful, magical photo. It makes me truly want a wedding in Hawaii. Or at least a photo of me and my man just like this.
Photography: JL Photografia.
More of this beautiful weeding on 100 Layer Cake.

Putt Putt Extravaganza.

Tonight my group of friends went putt putting!!! It was so fun! We played at night at this random place called Hey Day. When I asked BJ the theme of the course, his reply: "Don't hit the ball in the water!" It was thrilling! I was the worst at it and I still had a ball! haha. no pun intended. add some hideaway pizza and best friends and that equals a great night! photo here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cat Lover.

this is the funniest thing i've seen this week!
found here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Triple Want!

Originally uploaded by kdluck
oh my gosh I want a dachshund puppy soooo bad!

Super Makes.

craft of the day:
earth day crayons
found on run with scissors.

old toms projects.
love the plant hangers & coasters.

i heart cupcakes:
i want to bake ALL of these!
found on cup of jo.


This morning I was getting ready (and running late... as usual), and I had presentations today- didn't have time to shave my legs so I opted for a tank top (not a usual occurrence). I chose my black flowy one. It's only been worn a couple times. but when I looked in the mirror I thought I have beautiful shoulders. whoa! wait what? I couldn't believe that thought just ran through my head: beautiful. And even though it's not so weird to have a nice looking part of your body it was a wierd thing for me to think it or acknowledge it. It makes me sad taht I don't love my body more, but it's a process coming to love your body & looks... and even yourself. So I'm proud of myself and if anyone's reading this- don't be afraid to love some part of yourself. You should compliment yourself everyday- it made me feel confident all day. Because we are beautiful- flaws and all. It's just a matter of remembering it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cookies & Vintage.

I was disappointed today when my plans to go with my roommate to cuppies & joe were twarted due to her sleeping the afternoon away. But I ended up going across the street to a little bakery and buying $5 worth of cookies (I was craving sweets!) then spent an hour plus at the Rink Gallery (big vintage warehouse type place) and bought about $9 worth of sewing supplies. get ready for a purse made out of upholstery fabric & coral lining. plus I got some awesome photos of some vintage letterpress.

For the Fans.

some beautiful photos of my artwork at the Flicks Film Festival thanks to miss Hilary Johnson- wish I had a link to her b/c she takes some very interesting photos. although I wasn't able to attend, I was a bit disappointed to find out my top piece has been mis-titled "Things I Love" when in fact it is NOT things I love, but rather junk I found- formed into the "Unexpected" as I had titled it.

Itty Bitty Raincloud.

another great etsy find for today: this sterling silver itty bitty raincloud ring by CatherineMarissa. so so cute. I'm also loving the anchor earrings.

PGHC giveaway.

please please love this as much as I do! cute giveaway from post grad hair cut- one of my favorite blogs. headband by much love illy- positively cute! check out her other etsy shop items.


My Work Desk
Originally uploaded by DeaPeaJay
Today I got to start a new sketch book! I finally filled up my first. And what a better way to begin than with sketches for my to-be logo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crystal Gardens

did you ever have a crystal garden when you were a kid? well I didn't. I found these super cute crystal garden wish flowers from Urban Outfitters. My favorite is this red fire crystal. I'm kinda tempted to get one...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Loves.

today I am in love with:

bed-hair during the day
midnight pomegranate
worn-in converse
glaceon & umbreon
mexican embroidered dresses
fantastic photography
vintage sweaters

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo Love

5 Photo Loves from Flickr

because I'm a romantic. photo here.

because I love cats. photo here.

because I love tulips. photo here.

because I want a puppy dog so bad. photo here.

because I'm in the library. photo here.