Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Lesson Learned.

Don't Let Others Judge for You.

I have a friend who this girl was always coming around him. She would just show up and start talking to him no matter how uninterested he obviously was. When she would leave he would go on and on about how annoying she was. So much so that I thought she was annoying and when she would come around, I would be like "oh no! here comes the annoying girl." A few days ago the annoying girl was brought up in conversation with another friend of mine. She had just started working at the same restaurant as him. He had talked to her about friend 1. She told him she was new to Bethany and didn't go to school with any of her friends. Friend 1 was in her family group & he really seemed like a nice guy. She just wants to make friends but has really struggled to make friends. So rather than not talk to anyone, she would rather go talk to him, even though she knows he doesn't want her to, b/c she knows he's nice to her anyway. It really made me feel bad b/c rather than get to know her for myself, I had let what someone else had said about her be my judgement of her. And by that we had pushed her away rather than being the friend that she really needed.

Not only can you use this based on personal relationships. But also with Politics- just because someone says it doesn't mean it's true as well as doesn't mean you have to agree with them.

It's okay to make our own opinions.

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