Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Informants Who Stare at Goats

So this weekend I watched a couple new movies...

The Informant!
[watch trailer]

This movie was NOT what I was expecting at all. If you're going into this thinking it's a comedy... you are wrong! don't get me wrong- there are many funny parts and funny lines. but it is strangely informative and each scene seems like the last. You get tired of Damon's character doing the same messed up thing over and over, and his dumbness goes from funny to irritating fairly quickly. Pretty much every funny part is in the trailer. I was, however, VERY impressed with Damon's acting. even looking at him I could barely recognize Jason Bourne- the extra weight and an opposite in his usual character choice leave you baffled that Damon is behind the wide-rimmed glasses and 90's dad-style mustache. So all in all, good movie, nice humor, very good looking, but very unexpected and seems to drag on. Not a top choice for me.
My personal rating: B-

The Men Who Stare at Goats
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Contrary to the Informant, much better and much funnier than I was expecting! I was prepared for phenomenal acting (the combo of Clooney, McGreggor, Bridges, and Spacey! holy!), but this was a great story and adventure. The play on Star Wars Jedi with McGreggor's lack of knowledge (he played Jedi Master Obi wan Kenobi) -- beyond hysterical! And to see Clooney & Bridges with long hair in the 70's flashbacks is the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend this comedy for anyone looking for a laugh. I appreciate movies like these- it shows you don't have to have nasty, crude, sexual humor to have a funny movie. It's just plain fun.
My personal rating: A-

A few movies I want to see:
New York, I Love You
The Princess & the Frog
An Education
Public Enemies

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