Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beware of Fish!

excuse the clutter, but this is what happens when we are threatened with fish & other nastyness that could explode from our dorm room sink. Point being: Leslie & I prepare!

we were without a sink last night & this morning because some dumb girl in the dorms thought it would be a brilliant idea to shove large amounts of food down her sink (whole chunks of fish, onions, & more) causing all that crap to come exploding out of the two rooms' sinks below our room. GROSS! So in an attempt to keep the grossness at bay I cleverly covered the sink hole w/ a rag and taped across the sink so we would remember NOT to use it in the morning. Because of this I was forced to shave my legs w/ lotion- which was quite an adventure. lol. Don't worry the problem is fixed now and we should be free from any Fishy Harm now. whew.

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