Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weddings on the Brain.

So, don't tell Cameron, but I've been thinking about engagements and weddings non-stop this week. 2 of my best girl friends have already gotten engaged this summer, and my roommate's sister is getting married next week (congrats Maria, Lisa, and Laura!). So exciting, but hence the search for the perfect engagement ring has begun. haha. I've always wanted simple, and solitaires do the trick nicely, but after seeing these cuties, I'm thinking maybe something a little nontraditional would be lovely, such as a campaign or brown diamond. The second ring is just so simple and darling. and the third stone may be just a little too outrageous for an engagement ring, but isn't it just too gorgeous?! sorry I lost the sources (that's what happens when I'm saving every photo I love) bottom 2 found on Etsy though!

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  1. i like the second one the best. your blog is darling.
    Please stop by and say hi. xo