Saturday, June 5, 2010

Movie Update.

I've gotten a little behind on updating my movies. So here four I've seen these past 2 weeks.

New York, I Love You
Disappointment. I had been looking forward to this movie for months! I mean look at the cast list! Natalie Portman, Shia LaBeouf, Bradley Cooper, Drea DeMateo, Christina Ricci, Chris Cooper, and the list goes on and on. Anyway, someone tried to be way too artsy with this film. In the end there was no point. I expected all the random scenes to come together in some way, but no. It just ended. It was odd.

Where the Wild Things Are
Frankly, another disappointment. It just kind of ended as well. There wasn't even duologue at the end. And the kid screamed a whole bunch. But then again I'm sure it's hard to make a 10 page children's book into a 2 hour long movie... But a mega win to the creative directors. This movie was GORGEOUS! Beautiful scenes and landscapes. The "wild things" were well made and looked real and acted real. If only the story had more juice.

This movie was DISGUSTING. It seriously made my stomache sick. I thought it was going to be about aliens, and boy was I wrong. Two scientists create a creature (half human) hoping to discover cures to diseases. To make a long, gross story short- bestiality was taken to a whole new level. It wasn't a horror movie, it wasn't scary at all. Everything was just major shock value.

This is the only movie on my list worth seeing. This was PHENOMENAL! Freeman and Damon definitely deserved their Oscar noms. And it amazed me how well they pulled off their accents. It was moving and fun to watch. The beginning was a little slow because it was mostly dialogue but by the end I was hanging off my seat to see how it would end (which is crazy b/c you already should know) Oh, and it didn't hurt that Matt never looked better either...

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