Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception (and some).

So I just watched the best movie I've seen ALL SUMMER last night! INCEPTION. It is beyond fantastic! I'm not even kidding. It's suspenseful, thrilling, full of action, excellent acting, incredible music, not to mention the story is Kick-Ass. As soon as it was over I wanted to watch it again. Seriously. Thank you Christopher Nolan. Watch trailer here.

And I know I've gotten really behind on movie updates, and I've seen quite a few lately (adding to my lack of posting) so here's a short preview of some that I enjoyed:

The Last Airbender-- so great! amazzzzzing graphics!
An Education-- wonderful! deserved it's oscar nom & Miss Mulligan too. I also want to wear everything she did.
Eclipse-- the Twilight Saga is getting better... thank goodness.
Predators-- I've never seen the first ones, but this was super cool.
Toy Story 3-- wow- it was sad. really good! but I had a dream my toys were upset I gave them away...
Grown Ups-- surprisingly very clean movie considering the actors. pretty funny.

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